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CHERRYSHINE® has a balance of soft dark cherry aromas backed with the traditional heat of cayenne pepper. We start with our fine American whiskey and then blend it with

all-natural ingredients. The palate finishes with the sweetness of warm dark cherries, notes of vanilla and fiery 

cayenne peppers. 


Trevor and Mike are second-generation beekeepers. We’re farm boys who grew up driving tractors, keeping bees, flirting with the girls next door, and blowing stuff up.


We were well on our merry way—living life like a couple of bulls in a china shop—when SOMETHING HAPPENED.  One day, after harvesting a batch of Marsh Marigold Honey, we were sitting around drinking our own reserves when The Queen Bee showed us THE WAY:

It’s not about stealing her honey, or us vs. them, or using others to get what you want. It’s about working together, supporting each other, showing a little love and gratitude, and having fun. (That’s some strong whiskey...right ;) 

WICKED HONEY® and HONEY GHOST® are OWNED BY THE BEES. No, really—we made The Queen Bee our legal partner in this endeavor. The way we see it, partnering with The Queen Bee to support her building more bee hives is only fair considering that 72 of her worker bees spent their entire lives making the honey in the bottle you are holding. Those 72 bees’ life purpose was traveling halfway around the world, visiting more than 4,320,000 flowers to help pollinate one-third of our crops—just to make this bottle of whiskey!  


So “Here’s To the Bees!”...we're stronger together.  


– The Queen Bee Approves This Message

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